Voestalpine, 05.09. - 12.09.2015

Friday 11.09.2015
Friday is here and the last day of school. After lessons, the students received certificates and reports. Nadine and Thomas were Student of the Week, and well-deserved too. 

After school, the group are heading to the cliffs at Beachy Head, where they will enjoy sunny views over the sea and the town of Eastbourne. They will then walk down the hill to the promenade, and along to the pier. There will be some free time to explore the town before heading back to Seaford for their last evening.

Tomorrow is departure day, and we will be sad ot say goodbye to our Voest students. They have been fantastic and so well behaved. Teachers, Host families and Hillcrest staff have all said how good it has been to have the students with us. We'll miss them all!

Thursday 10.09.2015
The Banger Racing was great, and you can see some very good action photos if you look in the gallery to the right of this text. There were some excellent crashes, including a few cars rolling over. It's all very safe though, and all the drivers walked away.

A second trip to London awaits the students today and they will be catching the train directly after lessons at lunchtime. The plan is to start with a look around Covent Garden, before walking through Soho and ending in Oxford Street. This is the 'West End' of London and is the best part of the city to hang out and soak up the atmosphere.

Wednesday 09.09.2015
First of all, congratulations to Austria for their magnificent performance in the match against Sweden. We look forward to England vs Austria in the Euro 2016 final. :-)

Today we are getting sporty as we head across to Seaford Salts where we will be learning to play cricket. It's a complicated sport but will be made simple and everyone should be able to understand the basics. 

The sun is still shining for us, and this will help as we might follow the cricket some football. We'll see if have an Alaba or an Arnautovic in the group.

Tonight will be even more exciting, as we up the adrenaline and go to Arlington to watch the Banger Racing. These are amateur car races, where the rules are sometimes 'loose' and the final race is a 'last car moving' Demolition Derby. It all makes for great watching and a very different kind of sport compared to cricket. :-)

Tuesday 08.09.2015
Another beautiful sunny day on the south coast, and it seems a long way from the rainy, chilly days of August! The students will be in their lessons this morning, as they continue to activate their English and move their knowledge from 'passive' to 'active'.  One of the lessons today will take a look at the city of Brighton, as this is the destination for the afternoon programme. 

Brighton is a cosmopolitan, quirky city, where 'anything goes'. You can wear what you like and nobody says anything. It creates a place that is perfect for 'people watching', although that will have to wait as the first activity is Beach Volleyball, as the group head down to the Yellowave centre, where they will play a few matches of the ideal beach sport.

After the sports, there will be time to stroll along the promenade to Brighton Pier. Then, a little sightseeing, including Brighton Pavilion and the city centre, with its host of cafes and shops, many of which are in keeping with the alternative nature of Brighton itself.

We have one more activity, as we will meet up in a pub this evening to watch Sweden vs Austria in the vital qualifying match for Euro 2016. Come on Austria!!!!  :-)

Monday 07.09.2015
School starts today and the students have already taken a placement test and been split into two small classes. Dean and Karen are the teachers, and lessons will continue until 12.45. Then the group will head to Seaford for a guided walking tour of the town and some time at the beach. The weather is absolutely perfect, as we have some great late-summer sunshine. This is clearly following the angels. :-)

You can see the weather here.

Sunday 06.09.2015
A big highlight of the week, as the group took the train to London. They were accompanied by Karen, who led them on a sightseeing tour including Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Big Ben and The London Eye. Here they took a boat trip down to Tower Bridge. 

In the afternoon, the group went to Madame Tussaud's, to see a host of famous celebrities in waxwork form.

Saturday 05.09.2015
The journey to England was good and the group arrived in a sunny Seaford around 5pm. Host families then met their students and took them home for some dinner.