PG/PRG Ursulinen 2, 17.10. - 24.10.2015

Friday 23.10.2015
Friday and farewell to school, as the students have their last lessons today, and say goodbye to Dean, Karen and Sarah. It should be a fun day, with lots of vocabulary games and other activities. To round it all off, we'll all get together for the presentation of certificates and reports. Our final event is the awarding of the Student of the Week prize to the students in each class who has gained the most from their week in England.

After lunch, and a little break in Seaford, the group will be meeting up at The Salts for some sporting action. We're going to split the group and everybody will play some football as well as learn a new sport...cricket. It's a traditional summer sport, so we'll need to keep moving to stop everyone getting cold. Some say it's compliacted, but actually the basics are pretty simple to understand. Let's see... :-)

Thursday 22.10.2015
Hopefully you are managing to keep a track of the weather here in England. Today is back to normal October weather, so it's cool and sunny with a bit of a breeze. As we are outdoors this afternoon, it's quite important that it stays this way.

After school today, the group will taking the bus across to Beachy Head. They will pass the Cuckmere River and East Dean, as well as seeing the old lighthouse, before they arrive at the top of the cliffs. From here, we will enjoy great views over the English Channel, including a sight of Hastings, Eastbourne and the Beachy Head Lighthouse. Then it will be time to walk down the hill and allong the promendade to Eastbourne Pier. The students will have some time to explore Eastbourne town centre, and the seafront before they meet up again.

Wednesday 21.10.2015
After a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday, the weather has changed and it's grey and rainy this morning. It won't affect our plans though, as a shorter morning in school will be followed by a coach trip up to London to see The Lion King.

The students will have a little free time before and after the show to explore Covent Garden, a lovely part of London. The indoor market and street entertainment make this one of the most poular places in the city to 'hang out'.

The main event though, is the show, now in its 15th year. It has become the biggest musical in history and the group are about to find out why. :-)

Tuesday 20.10.2015
What a beautiful, sunny, October day it is outside, and the students are getting used to their teachers and to having a morning of English. Their level is very good and they are hopefully working on improving their fluency. 

When they finish at lunchtime, they will walk down to the railway station to catch the train across to Brighton. It's only a 20-minute ride, before they arrive in Britain's favourite seaside city. There will be some sightseeing, including Brighton Pavilion, Brighton Pier and the seafront, before time to explore the cafes, restaurants and shops in the centre. Brighton is well-known for its trendy shops as well as its weird and wonderful people. It's the perfect place to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Monday 19.10.2015
The first day of school today and,after a placement test, the students are now studying in their English classes. Dean, Karen and Sarah are their teachers, and we will be trying to get the students to do lots of speaking as well as bringing their own creativity to class.

After lunch, we are going to do a walking tour of Seaford, with a mix of local history as well as testing the students' knowledge of England. Karen, Mark and Tim wil be doing the tours, and they will be followed by a quiz where students have to talk to local people to find the answers.  After a final meet up at 5pm, everyone will then walk home to their families for dinner. One final test, this time of their orientation skills. :-)

If you want to see the weather for the week, click here.

Sunday 18.10.2015
A big day today, as the students headed up to London for the day. Karen was their guide, and they saw the major sights of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The London Eye. Then a break near the River Thames before some much-requested time in Oxford Street.

Saturday 17.10.2015
An early arrival today, as the group had a smooth journey from Graz, via Vienna and London. The students were met by their host families and went home for some dinner and a look around their new home. Some went out to see the bonfire procession and fireworks, but most were too tired.