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Friday 09.10.2015
If we could have asked for one sunny day, it would be for today, because it's time to get outdoors and onto the sports field. We are going to learn about cricket, with it's weird rules and ancient history, it is something that excites the connoisseur, confuses the uninitiated and bores the pants of many! A full match can take five days. That's a waste of valuable shopping time in today's society. :-)

Before the sports though, it is time to say goodbye to the English part of the week. The last lessons will end with certifcates and reports being handed out, before we announce our student of the week award. It's a very open competition this week, with several candidates competing for bragging rights! :-)

Thursday 08.10.2015
The sun has decided to pay us a visit, and it's a beautiful clear morning here in England. The students are in their lessons, and one of their lessons will involve some 'food tasting' with all the language that goes with that. Adjectives will be the key focus, as the students try things such as Marmite. 'Disgusting' might be used a lot today!

After lunch, the group will be heading East, along the coast, to the cliffs at Beachy Head. Here, they will experience the dramatic views form the 160m high cliffs. Then it will be time to walk down to the town of Eastbourne. To round off the day, the students will have some time to explore the town centre. Let's enjoy the sun!

I must also thank Nik for the excellent photos. :-)

Christina Fischbacher, Emma Stenitzer, Arthur Wolff-Plottegg, Clemens Müllegger           

Today we went to the lovely city of Eastbourne.

First of all we went to the Seven Sisters Cliffs, where our teachers showed us around. We took some nice pictures there. Then we walked down the cliffs to the beach promenade of Eastbourne. The beach was amazing and the weather was also really nice. When we finally arrived at the pier we had free time for about 2hours. Some of us bought fish and chips and sat on the beach. Almost everyone went to the shopping street or the shopping mall.

After some really nice and sunny hours the two buses were waiting for us in front of the pier.

Wednesday 07.10.2015
The weather is improving, and not before time. It will hopefully stay dry all day, with the chance of some sunshine in the afternoon. After lessons today, we're going to be heading back to Seaford town centre, where we will have a tour of the town. This will be based on some local history, but will also give students a bit of navigational help in their new home.

After the tour, the group have some time to complete the Seaford Quiz. This requires them to find people in the street/cafes and ask them a set of questions about life in England and about the town of Seaford itself. They will need to use their English skills in order to be polite, as well as to get the information. :-)

Diary Day Three
by Nikolaus Jauk, Jonas Steiner, Sophie Tscherne, Eliezer Quiala, Athena Egger 
"Today everything started like the last days, the bus picked us up at the station and brought us to the Hillcrest Centre. We only had two lessons with Karin and Dean. At 11:30 we went to the train station. Where we got into the train and went to Brighton. In Brighton we walked through the city and to the pier, where some of us had a ride with a rollercoaster or bought a souvenir. At 14:15 we went to the shopping center "Churchill Square" where we had two hours of free time to go shopping, to eat something or to go around in the city to the "North/South lane" or somewhere else. After this we walked back to the trainstation and went back to Seaford.

The weather wasn't really good but although we had a lovely day in Brighton." 


Tuesday 06.10.2015
Well, we had to change the programme yesterday because of the weather. It was raining quite heavily at lunchtime, so we changed the Seaford Tour for a film afternoon in school. We also did an extra long school day, so we will have slightly shorter lessons today. 

As soon as we finish school, we'll be heading down to the railway station to catch the train across to Brighton. It's a short 30 minute journey and then we'll be in the coolest city in Britain. As we walk around, we'll see Brighton Pier, the seafront, then a view of the Royal Pavilion, before heading into the North Lanes, South Lanes and ending up at Churchill Square. 

The weather forecast is slightly better than yesterday, so hopefully we'll see the sun for at least some of the afternoon.

Monday 05.10.2015
The first day of school today and the students will start with a placement test so we can split them into two small classes. Dean and Karen are teaching and we hope for lots of English speaking, as well as creativity and energy in class. 

The afternoon programme involves taking the bus across to Seaford, where the group will take a guided walk around the town. They will get some local history as well as have a quiz where they need to ask local people lots of questions about Seaford and about life in England. We'll then meet back at 5pm, before the students have to walk home to their families.

If you're curious, you can check out the weather here.

Monday, 5th of October 2015
Alisa Wesian, Heidi Weichsler,  Selina Riebenbauer
Today it was our first day at the H2 College in Newhaven. Our teachers said, that we are going to have lessons from 09:15 until 12:45 and that we are going to stay the whole afternoon in Seaford. Because it was raining heavily, we couldn't go outside and on the basis of that we watched a film called "Angus, thongs and perfect snogging". After, we went one hour shopping in Seaford and met us again at the St. Leonards Church. After saying goodbye to everybody we went home to our host families.

Sunday 04.10.2015
London day, and lots to see and do. There was quite a long journey up by train, as part of it involved a bus, but then there was enough time to see all the main sights, including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the River Thames.

Our trip to London
Hannah Spielhofer

"On Sunday the 4th. of October, we went to London. We went in the morning to the train station and had a really long journey to London. In London at Victoria station we went in the city and did some sightseeing. We were at the Buckingham Palace and saw the guards with their cool uniforms. After that we went to the Elizabeth Tower and to Westminster-Abbey. We also saw the London Eye and the Thames. At the London Eye were some really good acts from artists, we enjoyed it! Then we went to the Oxford street and went shopping, some girls were at the Victorias Secret Shop and bought some nice things. Other students were at the Vans shop, the Nike store or at Starbucks. After our shopping-trip through London we went with the train an the bus back to Seaford were our host families waited for us. We have to say: it was a really cool day in London!"

Saturday 03.10.2015
The group arrived ahead of schedule in Seaford and were met by their host families before being taken home for a tour of the house and some dinner.