NMS Thörl 10.10 - 17.10.2015

Friday 16.10.2015
School ends today, and the group will be doing some games, songs and quizzes to finish off their week in England. Dean and Sarah have said that the group have worked hard. Hopefully the students feel like they have learned a lot. To finish off, we will be presenting certificates and reports to everyone, before announcing the Student of the Week award.

After lessons, the group will catch the bus to the Cuckmere River, where they will go on a long walk/hike down to the sea. They will stop at the Coastguard Cottages to experience one of the most famous views in Britain... the view of the Seven Sisters cliffs. From here, it's not too far to walk back to Seaford, via Seaford Head and it's mostly downhill! A lovely end to a busy, and hopefully enjoyable, week for everyone in England.

Thursday 15.10.2015
A cloudier day today, but there is hope that it will get better after lunch. We need some good weather as we are heading outside this afternoon, to play some sports. 
The main sport will be Cricket, as everybody will get a taste of this sport. It can be complicated, but almost everyone who tries it, understands it. We'll try to keep it fast-paced, so we won't get too cold out there.

Wednesday 14.10.2015
A beautiful sunny day here again, and the students will be learning a little about Brighton in their lessons. That's the destination for the afternoon, as the group catch the train across from Newhaven. 

Brighton is a fantastic city, and has the real advantage of being next to the sea. It makes for a cool place to hang out, especially when the sun is beaming down, as it is today. Brighton has a lot of attractions, including the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier, The North and South Lanes, as well as Churchill Square. There is something for everyone in Brighton.

Tuesday 13.10.2015
So, lessons are running this morning and the students are working hard. It's a bit colder here in England, but the sun is shining and should warm us up a bit when we are outside.

The plan after lessons is to head across to Eastbourne, via the Cuckmere river and Belle Tout lighthouse, before stopping at Beachy Head. The cliffs here are very impressive and on a clear day like today, the views over the sea will be wonderful. From here, the students will walk down to the town of Eastbourne, along the promenade to the town centre. They will have some time to explore the town and the seafront before meeting back at the pier. 

Monday 12.10.2015
School starts today, and the students will begin school life by taking a placement test before being put into two small classes. Dean and Sarah will be their teachers, and they will be be hoping for some energy and creativity from their students, which should encourage lots of English speaking from the class.

The afternoon programme sees the group heading to Seaford for a guided walking tour of the town. This will give some local history and a bit of orientation as to where everything is in Seaford.  After this, we will be doing the Seaford Quiz, involving students asking questions to local people. To round off the day, we'll meet back at 5pm, before the students have to walk home to their families.

You can check out the weather here.

Sunday 11.10.2015
One of the big highlights of any stay in England, a day in London. The group had a rather long journey up by train, as part of it involved a bus, but they had some sunny, if chilly, weather and managed to take in many of the sights. 

Saturday 10.10.2015
A clear and dry evening for arrival in Seaford, and the students had a good journey from Austria. They were met by their host families at around 5.00pm, and went home for some dinner and rest ahead of the trip to London.