KLEX 24.10. - 31.10.2015

Friday 30.10.2015
It's Friday and the last day of school. We'll end our lessons with the presentation of certificates and reports to students, before the announcement of the Student of the Week award. 

Then we're trying for a second time to play cricket. The ground should dry out enough for us to have a good match or two. Let's see if we have a star or two in the making. :-)

Thursday 29.10.2015
The walk was good yesterday, and the sunshine held out until dark. Not quite as good today, as rain is in the air. This is a shame as we have planned to play sports in the park. The highlight was going to be learning how to play cricket, one of the oldest sports in the world, and certainly one of the most complicated. We play a simpler version though, so everyone can join in with the match.

What we will do is check on the weather and make a decision around lunchtime. If it's raining, we may switch to a trip to Brighton today and do the sports tomorrow instead.

Wednesday 28.10.2015
Mid-week and lessons continue today, with the students having settled into their new school life in England and having enjoyed their time in Brighton yesterday. The weather isn't as good as yesterday, but it seems to be brightening up now, and the forecast says we will have a sunny afternoon. The sunnier the better, as the group will be heading across to the cliffs at Beachy Head this afternoon.

The views are fantastic from up on the cliffs, and you can see Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne from the top, as well as the South Downs and a great panarama of the ships in the English Channel. After spending time at the top, the students will walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne, which they will follow along until they reach the pier. From here, they'll have some time to explore the centre of the town and maybe have a rest from all that walking. :-)

Tuesday 27.10.2015
School again this morning and the group will be working on their English skills again. One of the topics will be the city of Brighton, which is this the destination this afternoon. It's an exciting place to visit and has a particularly special atmosphere. On a sunny afternoon it looks at its best, with the sea, the promenade and the pier all drawing in visitors.

Away from the beach, Brighton also has the Royal Pavilion, which sits close to the North and South Lanes, both very attractive and both differing in style and character, both both great places to explore. 

One of the most cosmpolitan places in Britain, there is no better place to order a coffee and sit and watch the weird and wonderful people being weird and wonderful! :-)

Monday 26.10.2015
School has started and the students have been split into two small classes, ready for their lessons with Dean and Karen. Hopefully the students will bring some energy and creativity to class and the focus will be on doing a lot of speaking in class...in English!

After lessons, we'll be going on a walking tour of Seaford, for some local history as well as a chance for some orientation in the new home. Following the tour, there is the Seaford Quiz, which involves students asking local people for answers to some Seaford/England-specific questions. Then we meet back at the end of the day before the group have to find their way back to their families.

Sunday 25.10.2015
A big day for everyone, as the group caught the train up to Victoria Station in London. From here, they spent a day sightseeing, including the major places of interest, such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, as well as a trip to Brick Lane, one of the coolest parts of the city. 

Saturday 24.10.2015
A smooth journey for the group and they arrived on time in Seaford, where they were met by host families. It was quite late, so there wasn't too much time for dinner before getting to bed for some rest ahead of the day in London on Sunday.