HLW Leoben 2 - Last lessons then it's time to play cricket

Friday 3rd July 2015
It was a late night last night with the trip to Lion King, but everybody seems to have enough energy for school this morning. As it's Friday, it's the final time with the English teachers. So Dean, Karen and Chloe will be having some more light-hearted lessons with the group before they say their farewells. The final activity in school will be the presentation of certificates, reports and Student of the Week prizes.

After school, the students will be heading to Seaford Salts, the big sports field, where they will be introduced to cricket. They will get an explanation of how to play, and some of the many rules and regulations of this game. Then it will be time to try it out.

It should be great today, as the sun is beaming down, and temperatures should rise to around 25 degrees, as summer returns. :-)

Thursday 2nd July 2015
Life returns to normal today, as the temperature has dropped to around 20 degrees, and there's a cover of mist here on the coast and some rain. It doesn't matter today, as the students are going up to London after school. They will stop off at Camden Market first, before heading to the Lyceum Theatre and a performance of The Lion King. It's the most successful musical ever and I think everyone will discover why, with a mix of fantastic costumes, beautiful, powerful singing and some good acting in between. It's always a real hit.

Wednesday 1st July 2015
Britain continues to sizzle as the heatwave continues. Temperatures will reach 30 degrees here on the south coast, which is about as hot as it gets.
Lessons are continuing today, and the students are working well, despite the heat. After school, the buses will take the group across to Beachy Head, the famous cliffs to the east of here. First stop will be the pub, where the students will have a pub lunch. They will then enjoy the views across the English Channel before starting the walk down to the town of Eastbourne. The promenade will look great, and the water inviting, and a paddle in the sea might be necessary to cool off.

This very un-British weather won't continue for long, and rain is forecast for tomorrow, so it's a day to be outside and make the most of summer! :-)

Tuesday 30th June 2015
The weather continues to follow the angels, and it's a wonderfully sunny day here in England. It's a difficult time to be in school, with such lovely weather outside, but the students are very positive and our English teachers are enjoying teaching them. Also, being inside is only for the morning, and the group will 'escape' outside for the afternoon.  :-)

The plan for today is, after lessons, for the group to catch the train across to Brighton. Here they will walk down to the Royal Pavilion, and take a tour around one of Britain's most eccentric buildings. Built for Prince George, whose father was 'Crazy' King George, the Pavilion is an Indian-style palace with a Chinese-style interior. The students will have an audio guide to give them lots of background on the palace.

After the tour, there will be some time to explore. Brighton has so much to offer.... the seafront, beach and pier and the the Brighton Wheel could be one destination. Alternatively, the city centre has some of the coolest cafes, restaurants and places to'hang out' in Britain. Finally, the are some alternative shop in the North Lanes, as well as the popular-with-students Churchill Square. Lots to do, with the added bonus of a great excuse to eat ice cream! :-)

Monday 29th June 2015

It's a lovely summers day today, and school has started. The students are in their English lessons with Dean, Karen and Chloe. They have taken a placement test and are in their three small classes.

After lunch, the group will be taking the double-decker bus across to Eastbourne, and the chance to take a walk around this lovely seaside town. On a beautiful day like today, the seafront will look lovely and the sea should be calm enough for a paddle. There will also be some free time to look around the town centre, and maybe a minute or two in the shops and cafes.

Sunday 28th June 2015
London day today, and the students caught the train up to Voctoria Station. From here, they had a sightseeing walk around the main sights including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the River Thames. The afternoon highlight was a trip to Madame Tussaud's, and a chance to mix with a whole host of celebrities, albeit 'stationary' celebrities. :-)

To check on the weather in Seaford, you can click this link.