HLW Leoben 1 - Back home

Thursday 25th June 2015
Another big highlight of the week today, as the students will be going to the West End of London for a trip to the theatre. After lessons finish, they will take the coach up to the centre of London, where some will visit The London Dungeon. Others are going to see the Tower of London. Around 7pm, the groups will head to the Lyceum Theatre, near Covent Garden to prepare for the performance of The Lion King. It's the most successful musical of all time, and is now in its 16th year. It's a thrilling experience, both visually and in terms of the richness of the music and singing. The students will love it!

Wednesday 24th June 2015
It's a sunny start as we get a taste of how June really should be. We need this good weather as the students will be heading to the cliffs at Beachy Head. To start with, the students will sit down for a pub lunch at the Beachy Head Inn, with its beautiful views over the countryside. Three courses later, it will be time to walk around the top of the cliffs before heading down to the town of Eastbourne. The walk will continue along the promenade, and the sea should look lovely today, with the final destination being the pier. From here, the students can either spend some time enjoying the fresh air on the beach, or take a short walk to the town centre. I imagine their love of shopping may over-ride their love of natural spaces, but I live in hope! :-)

Tuesday 23rd June 2015
The second day of school has begun and the topic in one of the lessons is the city of Brighton. This is the destination for the group this afternoon, as they take the short train ride across. In Brighton, there is so much to do, with it's famous pier being one of the highlights, as well as the seafront, cafes and wide variety of shops. The first stop though, is the Royal Pavilion, which is Brighton's most iconic building. Resembling the Taj Mahal, but of Chinese style on the inside, it summarises the quirky nature of the city itself. The students will learn a little of the history of the building, and how it was built by Prince George. It's looking like being a sunny day, which will make the day even better, and help the fish and chips and ice cream go down much better! :-)

Monday 22nd June 2015
The students have taken their placement test are are now in lessons with Dean and Karen, their teachers. The focus of lessons will be on students being creative and practising their spoken English.

After school, the school bus will take the group to Seaford, where they will have a lunch break before taking a walking tour of the town. The walk is partly to help with navigating their way round Seaford, as well as giving some background and local history of the town. After the tour, the students will be completing the Ask-the-English quiz, where they have to ask local people a number of questions. After this, and a little free time to explore, it will be time to head home to host families for some dinner.

Sunday 21st June 2015
One of the big highlights of the week, as the group took the train for a day in London. They saw Buckingham Palace, before a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe, and a look around Westminster, with Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye. After that, there was time to see the River Thames and then a trip to Oxford Street.

If you would like to keep a check on the weather while the students are in Seaford, click this link.