GRG 12 Rosasgasse, 26.09 - 03.10.2015

Friday 02.10.2015
We had a superb game of cricket yesterday. In fact, we had three matches, and lots of competitiveness! It was a little windy, but that didn't stop everyone playing. There were some good shots, some poor shots and some slightly 'unusual for cricket' shots, but I think everyone understood the game.

Now Friday has arrived, and it brings with it the last day of school. We'll be meeting up after lessons for certificates and reports before we announce the Student of the Week. Then it'll be time to walk down to the railway station as the group head across to Brighton. They'll spend a sunny afternoon there, in the coolest seaside town in Britain. Anything goes in Brighton, and there's no better place to hang out and watch the weird and wonderful world go by. :-)

Please check out the latest photos. Again, these are all from Bernhard, who has an excellent eye for a picture.

Thursday 01.10.2015
"Pinch. Punch. The first of the month." is the saying and we start October with more  July weather. The students looked a little bit tired this morning, after a day sightseeing in London, but they will have time to recover their energy before we head out to play some sports this afternoon. 

After lessons, our destination will be The Salts field in Seaford, where we will be attempting to both learn and play the wonderful game of cricket. It's quite complicated, but not the way we play it, and students just need to remember to 'hit the ball and run'. That concept is the basis of the game, and the added extras will be fed in as we go along.  Let's see if we have any future Austrian stars in our teams.

Wednesday 30.09.2015
The group are back in London today, to enjoy some more sightseeing, a trip to one of the museums and perhaps, if time allows, some shopping. I'll upload some more photos tomorrow to keep you up to date with what's happening.

Yet again, it's a blue sky that will follow the group around, with the 'boring' sunny weather still here. Let's see how long the weather follows the angels as they travel around. :-)

Tuesday 29.09.2015
It's more of the same with regards to the weather today. The sun has decided to stay with us for a while, and it looks good to be sunny all week. Great news, as the group head out for a long walk this afternoon. They will drive past the Cuckmere River and along the coast road to the lighthouse at Belle Tout. From here, they will walk along the cliffs up to Beachy Head.

From here, the views across the English Channel are second to none. Visibility will be fantastic today, so there should be lots of shipping, seabirds and other wildlife to see. From the top, the group will then walk down to the town of Eastbourne, where they will have a stroll along the promenade, heading to the pier. There should be some time to explore the town centre before heading back home to Seaford. 

Many thanks to Bernhard for permission to use his wonderful photos. I think you'll agree they are quite amazing! :-)

Monday 28.09.2015
School starts today, and the students have taken a placement test and are now in their small classes. Dean and Karen are their teachers, and will be hoping for some energy and creativity from their students, which should encourage lots of Englsih speaking from the class.

The afternoon programme sees the group heading to Seaford for a guided walking tour of the town. This will give some local history and a bit of orientation as to where everything is in Seaford.  After this, we will be doing the Seaford Quiz, involving students asking questions to local people. To round off the day, we'll meet back at 5pm, before the students have to walk home to their families.

You can see the weather here.

Sunday 27.09.2015
One of the big highlights of any stay in England, a day in London. The group had a rather long journey up by train, as part of it involved a bus, but they had beautiful sunny weather and managed to take in many of the sights. 

Saturday 26.09.2015
A clear and dry evening for arrival in Seaford, and the students had a good journey. They were met by their host families at around 9.20pm, and went home for some dinner and reats ahead of the trip to London.