BG/BRG Kirchengasse, 19-29.09.2015

Tuesday 29.09.2015
It felt like midnight as we said goodbye to the teachers and students from Kirchengasse this morning. Indeed, it was 5am, but the full moon was lighting our departure and everyone got on the coach ok. The flight was on time and we expect the group to land in Austria at lunchtime. 

We've enjoyed having the group with us and they have seen and done a lot of diffeent activities. There should hopefully be a whole host of experiences and memories for them to treasure.  

Monday 28.09.2015
After a busy weekend, the group will be meeting up thos morning for a walk over Seaford Head. It's a hard start, up the hill, but it is rewarded with a wonderful view of the Seven Sisters cliffs. This is one of the most famous views in Britain, and shouldn't be missed.

Then, to finish off the trip, the students are heading back to Brighton for some more time to explore this funky city. Then it's home for dinner and packing. It's an early start on Tuesday, as the coach leaves for the airport at 5am!

Sunday 27.09.2015
The most important thing for a trip to the beach is good weather, and it was certainly a beautiful day on Sunday. The sun shone down all day, and the temperature was very good (especially for the UK). In fact, it felt like summer. All very good as the group spent the day at Camber Sands Beach, before having some time in the picturesque, mediaeval town of Rye.

Saturday 26.09.2015
A second trip to London today, and the chance to do some more sightseeing, as well as a bit of shopping. To round off the day, there was a trip to Madame Tussaud's.

Friday 25.09.2015
The last day of school is here, and it's time to say goodbye to Dean and Karen. Hopefully the students feel like they've had a good week of lessons and have learned a lot. The aim was to focus of their fluency and to activate their existing English, as well as input some new structures.

We will finish off the school part of the trip by handing out certifictae sand reports to everyone, and then announcing the Student of the Week prize. This goes to the student in each class who has put the most energy in, and whom the teachers feel has gained the most from their time in school.

After school, we will be heading down to the Cuckmere River, where we will be taking to the water for some kayaking. There will be an introductory talk, before everyone gets some time on the water. There should be some easy paddling, some sliding down the bank and probably a game or two. It's a beautiful sunny day here, so landscape will look fantastic.

To follow the kayaking, we'll be heading to the Cuckmere Inn for a pub meal. It's the chance to experience an English pub, and one with a lovely location too. 

Thursday 24.09.2015
Greetings again from here in England and it's time to get active. After the drama of Beachy Head, we will spend a more traditional afternoon learning how to play cricket. It's a very old sport, and has a number of rather strange names and rules, and we won't really have time to learn these. 

We'll play a basic form of cricket, a bit faster than usual, to keep everyone moving as much as possible. It's a little windy, and has been rainy, but the sky is clear now and the sun is shining down, drying out the field. We're ready to 'hit the ball and run'! :-)

Wednesday 23.09.2015
The sun has returned and it brings with it a warmer feel to things. It also sets up our trip to Beachy Head this afternoon, as the group will be dropped off at the top and will walk around and enjoy the wonderful views over the sea. It's a dramatic sight as you look down to the lighthouse, and imagine the same view in stormy conditions.

After the views, then comes the walk down to the town of Eastbourne. This is a lovely, easy walk, and ends along the promenade, at the pier. Students will then have some time to explore the town before heading back to Seaford.

Tuesday 22.09.2015
More rain today, but it should hopefully brighten up later. The group are taking the train across to Brighton this afternoon, as they explore one of the coolest cities in England. There is loads to see and do, including the Pier, the Pavilion, the seafront as well as the North and South Lanes areas. These have the feel of Camden Market, with lots of funky shops, trendy cafes and alternative places to hang out.

The beach might not be too attractive today, in the wind and rain, but the seagulls will still be hunting for fish and chips! :-)

Monday 21.09.2015
The first day of school today and the students will begin by meeting the staff before taking our placement test which will help to place them in two small classes. Dean and Karen are the teachers, with lessons until 12.45. 

In the afternoon, the group will head to Seaford for a guided walking tour of the town and the Seaford Quiz where students have to ask questions to local people. There should be some free time at the beach before the students have to walk home to their families.

You can see the weather here.

Sunday 20.09.2015
London day, and the students took the train to Victoria Station where they had a sightseeing tour which included Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Big Ben and The London Eye. Then it was time for a boat trip along the River Thames to Tower Bridge. 

Saturday 19.09.2015
All went smoothly with the journey to England and the group arrived in a sunny Seaford around 5pm. Host families were there to meet their students and took them for a welcome, a look around the house and then some dinner.