AG Seckau 11.10. - 20.10.2015

Tuesday 20.10.2015
Departure day today, and the group will be heading to Heathrow Airport to catch the flight to Vienna. They have had a very busy few days, so will need a bit of rest when they return. However, I think it's back to school tomorrow!

We've really enjoyed having the group with us, and feedback from our host families was excellent. They said that the students were lovely and are welcome back any time. :-)

Monday 19.10.2015
More sightseeing today, before an educational visit to one of the museums. The morning will be spent admiring the guards at Horseguards Parade before some more time in Westminster. Then, the group will have a choice of museums, as they head to South Kensington. The Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoris & Albert Museum are the choices for museum. Each of them has something to interest everybody. :-)

To round off the time in England, the students will be going to the theatre to see Wicked, a musical based on The Wizard of Oz. It's a very popular choice and seems to be highly rated. It might even result in some singing...

Sunday 18.10.2015
No rest day for the group, as they had an appointment in the morning at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a striking historic place of entertainment on the south bank of the River Thames. The students had a tour around before heading east towards Tower Bridge. The Tower of London was next on the list of places to visit, and the chance to see the Crown Jewels.

After the Tower came the boat trip along the Thames as the group headed west again. 

Saturday 17.10.2015
A busy day as the group departed Seaford in the morning and headed up to London. After checking in at the youth hostel, the set out to explore the city. The first stop was St Paul's Cathedral, one of London's most impressive buildings, before they headed to Westminster, for a look at Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

Friday 16.10.2015
The final day of school for the group, and lessons may be a bit more lighthearted today, with some games and quizzes. To round off, we will be presenting certificates and reports to each student. Finally, it'll be time to announce the Student of the Week awards.

The final activity for the group is a trip across to Beachy Head, where they will take a look around the cliffs before walking down to the town of Eastbourne. The walk along the promenade will end at the pier, then there will be some free time to explore the town centre.

This will bring an end to the group's stay in Seaford, and they will be departing for London tomorrow morning. They will say goodbye to host families in the morning, then taking the coach up to London, where they will be based for the next few days.

Thursday 15.10.2015
Not so good in terms of weather today, as we have a cloudy sky above us. It isn't so important when the students are in their lessons, but it would be good for it to brighten up this afternoon as we are heading to the town of Lewes. It's the ancient county town of Sussex, and holds most of the history. The group will be visiting Ann of Cleves House, a superb replica of a Tudor dwelling, with many of the exhibits exactly as they would have been in the time of  King Henry VIII. 

After the house, some students are heading up to see Lewes Castle, whilst the others will be exploring the town itself. There are some lovely shops, a great fleamarket and Bill's, one of the best cafes around, to keep the students occupied!

Wednesday 14.10.2015
We have Autumn weather at its best today. It was clear and cold early this morning and is now warming up to be around 13 degrees, which is about average for October. 

The plan for today is to head back to Seaford after school, where the group will play some sports. We'll split the group but everybody will have the chance to learn how to play cricket. It's a very old, slightly complicated sport, but one that is played all over the world. We'll simplify it a little, so that everyone can pick up the basics, and try to make it faster than usual, to keep everybody warm. :-)

After cricket, we'll be heading to the pub for a group meal. Everyone is coming along, for a taste of traditional pub food, and the accompanying atmosphere. An excellent way to follow cricket.

Tuesday 13.10.2015
A calmer day in school as everybody knows where to go and what to do. Lessons are running and the students are (hopefully) working very hard!

After school, the group will be walking down to the railway station and catching the train across to Brighton. Here they will do a bit of sightseeing before heading down to the seafront and Brighton Pier. There is a lot to see and do here, as well as the Brighton Eye and the Royal Pavilion, there is some great places to hang out. including the Lanes, and Churchill Square.

Monday 12.10.2015
School started today, and the group began with a welcome talk then a placement test which enabled us to split them into two small classes. Their teachers are Karen and Megan who will be encouraging lots of speaking from the students.

After lunch, we headed across to Seaford for a walking tour of the town. This involved a worksheet with some local history as well as some facts from Karen and Mark. Then there was time for a quiz where students had to ask questions to local people. Finally we met back before everybody had to navigate their own way back to their host families.

If you want to see the weather, click here.

Sunday 11.10.2015
The group arrived in Seaford after a smooth flight and clear traffic from the airport. It was sunny when they arrived and were met by their host families. The students were then taken home for some dinner and a look around their new home.